Creative Cities

A creative city is a better place to live, work and play. It is a city that appreciates the advantage of investing in entrepreneurship and innovation.

The conference Creative Cities Prague 2008 (How do we make creative cities and grids?) was held on December 2008 as a part of the British Council project Creative Cities that aims to foster a greater understanding about the contribution creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation can make to improving quality of life in cities through a regional network of creative urban influencers who are making the case for innovation and who are actively contributing to greater economic, social and cultural prosperity in cities around Europe.

The project is arranged with partners within various private and public organisations and with European cities that understand that innovation is the basis of sustainable development in the modern world. It will find one to ten cities in the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia that have the potential to become creative cities. Throughout their involvement, cities will be able to establish a competitive advantage for themselves and attract creative talent to contribute to their future economic growth.

The main objectives reflexed in the program of the conference were:

  • Build a shared understanding about the contribution creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation make to the long-term economic, cultural and social prosperity of cities in Europe.

  • Share what has been learned and what has been achieved with policy makers and with those in a position to support long-term change at city, national and European level.

  • Work in partnership with cities and with organisations driving creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation in cities to strengthen the enabling environment.



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Conference is organized by British Council, Czech Republic
Bredovský dvůr, Politických vězňů 13, Prague 1, 110 00
in cooperation with Open Society p.b.c. / ProCulture /
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